Body of one of last two people missing following floods in Belgium has been found

Body of one of last two people missing following floods in Belgium has been found
Damage following floods. Credit: Belga

The body of one of the last two people missing as a result of the floods in Belgium on 14 and 15 July has been found, leaving just one woman missing.

The body of the man, originally from Verviers, was found in Trooz, around 20 kilometres further from where he went missing, according to reports from VRT News. 

"The man is unfortunately dead. In the meantime, 38 victims have been identified who did not survive the heavy flooding in our country," An Berger of the Federal Police, said.

"Now that the man has been found, one person is still missing, it is a woman," she added, for which the search is still ongoing.

However, it is now almost two weeks after the heavy floods, meaning the chances of finding people alive has become smaller and smaller.

"We are of course continuing to look for that missing person, to provide answers to the family. The suspicion is that this person did not survive the floods, but of course, we cannot say that with certainty as long as this person is missing," Berger said.

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This means the total death toll as a result of the extreme weather in Belgium has increased to 42 after Walloon Minister-President announced it had risen to 41 on Tuesday when another missing man was found.

The federal police, however, are still saying that there are officially 38 fatalities, but it is unclear for now why these figures do not match.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Liège is investigating whether the deaths of 37 people during the floods in the province of Liège could have been avoided, as an examining magistrate is looking into whether criminal errors were made in the management of the flooding in the region.

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