Belgian trains will almost return to normal by October 

Belgian trains will almost return to normal by October 
Image from SNCB.

Trains will resume service throughout Belgium’s railway network by 4 October, with the reopening of Line 44 between Pepinster and Spa, Infrabel announced on Friday.

The two other routes still under repair should reopen in late August or early September, according to the company, which manages Belgium’s railway network.

Infrabel said it had so far repaired 22 of the 25 lines damaged by floods in mid-July. The remaining three will reopen gradually.

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The first, Line 161, between Gembloux and Ottignies, will be back in service on 30 August. At first, trains will only be able to run on one track and at reduced speed, which means some of them will be replaced temporarily by buses.

The portion of Line 37 between Liège and Nessonvaux will be open to train traffic from 1 September, while the portion of the same line that is located between Nessonvaux and Pepinster will reopen from 13 September.

Finally, the last remaining section, located on Line 44 between Pepinster and Spa, will reopen on 4 October, marking the full reestablishment of train services throughout the network.

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