Wallonia leads the way with 40,000 third vaccine doses

Wallonia leads the way with 40,000 third vaccine doses
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Over 40,000 people – among them those with weaker immune systems – have received a third vaccine dose in Wallonia, the regional Minister for Health Christie Morreale announced on Tuesday.

“We don’t want to celebrate too soon and other regions have been better than us [at rolling out the vaccine] in the past, but right now we are doing the best in this category,” she said.

This supplementary dose, for which 5,000 individuals aged 65 and over have already registered, “remains a free choice for concerned individuals and is not necessary in order to have a valid Covid Safe Certificate. Yet it is recommended to boost immunity before winter is upon us,” the minister added.

In order to accommodate this increase in administrations, vaccination centres will soon reopen five days per week and some ten temporary centres will be opened in the least-vaccinated communes.

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Furthermore, it is now possible (since last week) for anyone who wishes to book an appointment with their GP or at a designated pharmacy to receive the vaccine. “In the coming days, pharmacies and GPs will work alongside vaccination centres to improve coverage and the number of experienced medical professionals helping with the roll-out,” Morreale added.

Finally, the minister reminded healthcare workers of their obligation to get vaccinated whether they work independently or are employed by larger healthcare institutions. Morreale stressed that this is a requirement that “the Federal Government is getting ready to impose.”

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