Belgium to invest in sustainable heating in 2022

Belgium to invest in sustainable heating in 2022
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The Federal Government will set aside about €1 million in its 2022 budget for a social tariff for sustainable heating, Federal Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten said on Saturday at a conference of the “Groen party”, to which she belongs.

This arrangement will allow for a social tariff for heating produced in a sustainable manner, for example through aquathermal or geothermal energy.

Until now, such a measure had not been planned by the Federal Government. Currently, when social housing companies opt for this type of heating, municipalities sometimes chip in to pay the difference, according to Belga News Agency.

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“Social housing companies will thus be able to choose these alternatives to gas,” Minister Van der Straeten stressed. “In this way we are encouraging the use of sustainable, economical heating, free of CO2 emissions.”

The modalities of the new measure, which will take effect next year, are yet to be clarified.

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