Coronavirus: Urgent appeals for blood donations as stocks dwindle

Coronavirus: Urgent appeals for blood donations as stocks dwindle
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The Belgian Red Cross has called on the population to donate blood as the coronavirus outbreak in the country sends blood stocks plummet to "dangerous" lows.

The organisation on Thursday said that the spread of the coronavirus in the country was resulting in a decrease in stocks, as blood drive events were cancelled and would-be donors became less mobile.

"We appeal to the generosity of any healthy person of at least 18 years old, and weighing a minimum of 50 kilograms to take action as soon as possible by giving thier blood in a Red Cross sampling location, the organisation said.

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"The negative blood group's blood supply is critical, while the positive groups' reserves are descending dangerously," the Red Cross added.

The health organisation said that as companies moved to cancel blood drives or to limit worker mobility by encouraging them to work from home, supplies had quickly descended to a "critical" level and that it didn't see any hope that the situation would improve in the coming weeks.

"Giving blood is not a risky act, even in the current climate dominated by the Covid-19 [coronavirus]," the Red Cross wrote. "All precautions are taken to ensure the health and safety of donors."

"It is very important that people help us increase the blood supply so that we can deal with any unforeseen situation," it added.

For any question related to a medical or blood donation issue, you can use the free number 0800 92 245. 

A list of the collection sites can be found at

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