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Belgian PM asks Sciensano to publish daily figures again

Credit: Belga

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès has asked Sciensano to provide daily figures again, she said on Thursday.
Due to the reduced spread of the virus in recent weeks, Sciensano’s reports have changed. Since 22 June this year, the focus has shifted from daily figures to trends.

On Thursday in the House of Representatives, several members called for a return to the previous counting system. Sophie Wilmès confirmed that she had made such a request and that “the detection of new outbreaks can be done via Sciensano.”

“We need to be much more vigilant”, she added. “We must do everything we can to avoid the second wave. And the experience of recent months has been used to improve our response at both federal and regional level.”

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The Prime Minister recalled that the next National Security Council will take place on Thursday 23 July. “We will have a clearer view of the health situation.”

Sophie Wilmès also denied any concern for collaboration with the experts, asking for “recognition for everyone who wet their shirt during the crisis,” meaning those who worked hard. “Once again, I would like to say how grateful I am to the GEES,” the group of experts for an exit strategy, “for having done this work. They provide us with advice and it is up to the politicians to make the decisions.”

“Instead of bickering through the press, I prefer to use my energy to look for solutions,” she concluded.

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