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Chaotic coronavirus rules confuse people with autism

Credit: Belga

Ben, the foundation for people with autism, asks the federal and regional governments, the provinces and municipalities in an open letter to ‘immediately clarify the chaos of rules’ in the fight against the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Ben received panic calls from people with autism following the announcement of new rules on wearing face masks in various cities on Friday evening.

“These people didn’t understand the need for the general face mask obligation,” Ben said in a press release. “The rules that differ everywhere, from municipality to municipality, from province to province, from the Flemish to the federal government, bring chaos into the minds of people with autism.”

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“People with autism need clarity. They feel under pressure and their psychological well-being is deteriorating enormously.”

Ben therefore asks in a letter to the National Security Council to “centralise everything and make it unambiguous.” The foundation joins the rectors of the Universities of Leuven and Ghent in calling for the appointment of a federal coronavirus commissioner.

“In this way you can make communication unambiguous to all citizens of the country. Please don’t play with people’s suffering. Give clarity, especially to our people with autism. They will be grateful to you,” Ben concluded.

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