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Flanders will purchase rapid coronavirus tests

Credit: Belga

The Flemish government will acquire rapid tests (antigenic tests) to detect Covid-19, Flemish Wellbeing Minister Wouter Beke announced on Tuesday.

The exact number of tests to be purchased will be announced on Friday.

“Antigenic tests have the advantage that they do not have to go through a laboratory. The results are therefore obtained more quickly,” Beke told the Flemish parliament on Tuesday.

Last Friday, the Flemish government took the decision to acquire the tests in question. Depending on the number of tests and the producer, the government is planning a budget of €15 million to €30 million, according to the cabinet of Wouter Beke.

A few million tests are reportedly involved.

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In addition, Flanders’ Testing project group is being asked for advice to clarify the operational aspects, including who administers the tests and where they will be used as a priority.

Flanders is also considering purchasing saliva tests, Beke added, although these tests are less scientifically advanced. These saliva tests are not a solution to relieve the burden on the laboratories either, as they have to be analysed there, the cabinet added.

The Brussels Times