7 in 10 Belgians will apply coronavirus Christmas rules, study shows

7 in 10 Belgians will apply coronavirus Christmas rules, study shows
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Around seven in ten Belgians will apply the coronavirus rules in place for the holidays, a new study shows.

The latest question round of the Great Corona Study, in which 23,000 Belgians participated, yielded different results than two weeks ago, before the rules were laid out, when one in three participants said they would celebrate the holidays with more than one extra person.

“The clear guidelines are having an effect,” the researchers said. “More people in all age groups indicate that they will follow the measures at Christmas.”

However, there is a difference between age groups when it comes to how likely they are to follow the rules. Among people over 66 years old, 85.4% say they will likely to very likely follow the rules, while that number drops to 54.4% among people aged 18 to 25.

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The study also touched on people’s willingness to get vaccinated. More than three in four (78%) respondents said they would definitely or probably get vaccinated. More than one in five (21%) who weren’t sure whether they would get vaccinated referred to a lack of reliable information on vaccines.

Belgium announced its vaccination strategy on Thursday, including the order of priority groups to receive the vaccine. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on Wednesday that Belgium would start vaccinating by 5 January provided the vaccines are approved by then.

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