More than 1.25 million coronavirus vaccines delivered to Belgium
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More than 1.25 million coronavirus vaccines delivered to Belgium

Credit: Belga

More than 1.25 million doses of coronavirus vaccine have been delivered to Belgium as of 28 February.

Between Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca / Oxford, a total of 1,253,145 vaccine doses has been delivered to Belgium, of which 1,230,915 have been distributed between the country’s federated entities.

Of the Pfizer vaccine, 849,615 doses have been delivered and distributed as follows:

  • 497,640 went to Flanders
  • 266,175 to Wallonia
  • 78,195 to Brussels
  • 7,605 to the German-speaking community.

At the same time, 94,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine have been distributed, of which:

  • 49,000 went to Flanders
  • 28,500 to Wallonia
  • 14,500 to Brussels
  • 2,000 to the German-speaking community

Finally, Belgium’s federated entities have received 287,300 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Among those,

  • 166,400 doses went to Flanders
  • 90,100 to Wallonia
  • 29,100 to Brussels
  • 1,700 to the German-speaking community

In addition, 2,150,000 syringes and 2,800,000 needles for the preparation of the injection have been delivered, as well as 13,657,200 syringes and 13,503,200 needles for administering the jab itself.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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