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Brussels’ Bru-VAX vaccine reservation system is online

Credit: Belga

As of Monday, people living in the Brussels Capital Region can use the Bru-VAX reservation system to register for a coronavirus vaccine appointment.

The digital tool, hosted on the Doctena platform, will replace the current system which involves people who are eligible for a vaccine receiving a letter with a code to make an appointment with.

“12% of Brussels residents do not have a fixed address or a letterbox and do not receive that letter with that necessary code. That is why we are making it easier,” said Inge Neven of the Brussels Health Inspectorate.

With the Bru-VAX system, people only need to give their national registry number and their postal code when making an appointment online.

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General practitioners and pharmacists can also register their patients for a shot, according to Neven: “If they have a client or patient who wants to be vaccinated (and is due to receive a dose) then they can register the person using only the national registry number. They can also immediately request transport to the vaccination centre for these people.”

A central role is also reserved for GPs, as they can vaccinate patients who are unable to travel to the vaccination centres since last Tuesday and can use this platform to register patients who will receive a dose at home.

As stated on the Bru-VAX website, the only people who can currently make an appointment are those living in the Brussels-Capital Region and are either born in 1965 or earlier, who have an invitation for vaccination, or who suffer from comorbidities.

Meanwhile living in the region who were born in 1970 or earlier can register to be put on the waiting list.

People registering via this platform will have no say in the type of vaccine they will be given.

Lauren Walker
The Brussels Times