Belgian minister Sophie Wilmès goes into self-isolation

Belgian minister Sophie Wilmès goes into self-isolation
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Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister Sophie Wilmès is self-isolating and will not be physically present at a key coronavirus government meeting on Friday because she is experiencing "suspicious symptoms."

The former Belgian premier said on Twitter that she had not had a risky contact but that, in the current context, "precaution is required."

The minister said she had decided to go into self-isolation at the onset of symptoms and said she would be taking a test "as required by the procedure."

"Even without a positive case around me and despite the fact that hygiene rules were always respected with my colleagues and team, precaution is required.

Until recently, Wilmès led Belgium's coronavirus response at the head of a special powers government, put together amid a continuous failure by parties to create a new federal government after the 2019 elections.

The current deputy prime minister was set to attend a meeting of the Consultative Committee on Friday, during which Belgium's federal and regional governments were set to discuss rising coronavirus infections in the country.

Her announcement follows at least three confirmed infections among Brussels regional government officials last week, including Rudi Vervoort, the head of the Brussels government.

Vervoort went into self-isolation and it is unclear at this point if he will be physically present at the Consultative Committee on Friday.

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