Covid-19 vaccine-booster will be mass produced in Wallonia

Covid-19 vaccine-booster will be mass produced in Wallonia
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British pharma firm GSK has announced the creation of an ingredient capable of boosting production and widening the availability of their coronavirus vaccine.

The pharmaceutical giant said it had crafted an initial batch of a vaccine adjuvant of which it aimed to produce one billion doses by early next year.

Adjuvants are immunological or pharmaceutical agents used in vaccines to improve their immune response while also reducing the amount of vaccine protein needed in a dose.

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According to the company, their adjuvant could make it possible to "produce more vaccine doses and protect more people" at a quicker pace.

GSK is working jointly with French pharma firm Sanofi in the production of a coronavirus vaccine of which 300 million doses have already been pre-bought by the European Union (EU).

The company, whose international headquarters are located in the Walloon town of Wavre, said the production of the vaccine adjuvant would support their efforts to "make a vaccine against COVID-19 available as soon as possible."

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