Belgians snub the kitchen as takeout popularity soars

Belgians snub the kitchen as takeout popularity soars
More and more Belgians are opting to eat out rather than cook their own meals, a study shows. Credit: Unsplash

The food-delivery and takeout businesses are booming in Belgium, as an increasing number of people in the country prefer eating ready-made meals over homemade dishes.

A significant part of the food-related expenses made by Belgians last year was used to buy prepared meals, a new food consumption study by food-industry representative Comeos showed.

In 2018, Belgians spent around €25.2 million in "convenience" food-products, which the study says includes frozen meals, sandwiches, salads and pre-packed cooked dishes, as well as restaurant takeout.

The number accounts for 70% of all food-related expenses made by Belgians that year, which totalled €34.5 million.

"It is hard to say whether the offer is responding an existing demand, or whether it is creating it," Comeos representative Dominique Michel said.

As the food-service industry in Belgium expands and diversifies, an increasing number of restaurants and service industry professionals are opting to partner up with food-delivery startups, giving a boost to entrepreneurship in the sector.

The main consumer base of takeout and delivery services is single, urban, and under 60, the study indicates.

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