Brussels Airlines scraps hundreds of flights amid Thomas Cook bankruptcy fallout

Brussels Airlines scraps hundreds of flights amid Thomas Cook bankruptcy fallout
Credit: Brussels Airlines

Hundreds of Brussels Airlines flights will be cancelled as a direct result of the recent collapse of U.K. travel firm Thomas Cook, a major operating partner of the airline.

The cancellation of the 105 flights set to be scrapped throughout the single month of October hits the airline as it prepares to wrap up the high season.

A spokesperson for the airline said the decision was taken because the flights were booked by up to 80% Thomas Cook clients, who have seen the recent bankruptcy of the U.K. travel firm do away with their holiday packages.

"The flights were almost completely booked with Thomas Cook clients who are no longer there," Maaike Andries said in a phone conversation, adding that 3,500 Brussels Airlines passengers would also be impacted by the cancellations.

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The flights cancelled were all set to fly between the 10 and 31 October to destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt or several islands in the Mediterranean.

While some of the fly routes of the cancelled flights will be scraped completely, others will simply see their frequency adjusted.

The airline will try to find solutions for the Brussels Airlines passengers impacted, Andries said, adding that a majority of them would be transferred to a different flight if their booking concerns a destination that will continue operating.

"Thomas Cook passengers should address the Travel Guarantee Fund or Thomas Cook," Andries said, referring to a Belgian travel fund which, in the fallout of the U.K. company's collapse, said it was ready to assist travellers.

The airline will cease operating its routes to Tunisian destinations Enfidha or Djerba and to some Greek islands, while it will decrease flight frequency to the Canary islands, Andries said.

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