Google’s ‘Routines’ function will become available in Belgium
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Google’s ‘Routines’ function will become available in Belgium

Credit: Belga

Google’s so-called Routines function, part of Google Assistant, will become available in Belgium, the company’s Belgian division announced Wednesday.

The feature allows a series of actions to be carried out with a single command or at a predefined time.

The function will be deployed in the coming weeks and will be available on both mobile and smart home devices.

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Google has already pre-programmed six routines. For example, saying “Hey Google, hello” will prompt the assistant to read the weather forecast, reminders, the latest news and the day’s agenda items. The “leaving home” routine consists of turning off thermostats, sockets and lights.

In addition to these two examples, the routines “Bedtime”, “I’m home”, “From home to work” and “From work to home” will be also be pre-programmed.

These routines can be adjusted at will. For example, in the morning, the coffee machine can also be turned on at “good morning” time, or a genre of music or a radio station can be started at “I’m at home” time, Google said.

Users can consult instructions and possibilities here.

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