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Telenet confirms launch of Belgian 5G network

Credit: Belga

Belgian provider Telenet has confirmed the rollout of its 5G network by announcing Ericsson, Nokia and Google Cloud as partners in the deployment of the network.

The companies were chosen “after a thorough selection procedure, taking into consideration technological, operational, financial, security and sustainability criteria,” Telenet said in a press release on Monday.

The existing mobile network will be transformed in the coming years, Telenet indicated, “and the equipment of the new partners will be introduced.”

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Ericsson, which already operates Telenet’s mobile network, will replace the equipment for the antenna part (the Radio Access Network or RAN) with newer hardware and software offering improved quality and performance.

In addition, Ericsson “provide Telenet with the necessary solutions for all future 5G developments,” Telenet said in its press release.

Nokia, meanwhile, will provide the equipment for the core network, “with associated advantages such as ultra-fast response times for critical applications and reserved capacity for specific services. “

Google Cloud, finally, will be put to use in the operator’s data centres, allowing “operators to run the Nokia core equipment and other applications that formerly had to be integrated into the network via physical hardware, via cloud-native services.”

The rollout of Belgium’s 5G network has been stalled by political disagreements over the distribution of profits and due to concerns over radiation standards.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times