Belgian helicopter used to rescue migrants off the French coast

Belgian helicopter used to rescue migrants off the French coast
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On Sunday afternoon, a Belgian helicopter from the Koksijde air base was deployed in a rescue operation off the French coast.

The French authorities called in the Belgian helicopter to search for a sinking dinghy with 38 migrants, according to De Standaard.

In the end, all the people on board were rescued.

The NH90 helicopter was deployed by the French authorities for a search in the Channel between France and England.

A rubber boat with 38 migrants on board had sunk. Two missing persons were found at a buoy ten miles off the French coast. They were picked up and taken to the hospital in Calais.

An hour and a half later the dinghy, which was already in English waters, was also found.

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Ten people were struggling in the water. A French naval vessel provided assistance and the Belgian helicopter picked up another five drowning people.

All those on board were eventually rescued. Most were severely hypothermic.

Belgium has also struggled with illegal and dangerous migration, along with countries like France and England.

A United Nations report said that the European Union, through its migrant policy, is in part to blame for the deaths of migrants travelling across the central Mediterranean route.

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