PM’s father gets only coronavirus fine at Belgian bicycle race

PM’s father gets only coronavirus fine at Belgian bicycle race
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Herman De Croo, father of current Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, was the only person against whom a report was written up at the Tour of Flanders on Sunday for not complying with coronavirus measures.

The Tour of Flanders is an annual one-day road cycling race also known as Flanders’ Finest. Usually held in the spring, the race was postponed this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

De Croo, who like his son is a politician, did not wear a mask at the Tour and was caught on camera when cyclists drove by his home in Brakel, in the province of East Flanders.

"I made a mistake and should indeed have worn a face mask", De Croo told Het Nieuwsblad. "It doesn't matter whether I was all alone at home or not. Everyone along the entire route of the Tour is obliged to wear a face mask. I should have known that and will pay the fine.”

That obligation was in force from 1 hour before the race until 1 hour later, as was decided by the Governor of East Flanders, Carina Van Cauter.

Van Cauter called the event “a success. The fans have behaved in an exemplary manner, proving that cycling can be corona-proof. A boost for the future.”

The Prime Minister said that he himself had drawn his father’s attention to the offence.

The amicable settlement for breaching the obligation to wear a face mask is €250.

An overview of the latest measures can be found here.

Jason Spinks

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