New coronavirus strain discovered in Germany

New coronavirus strain discovered in Germany
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A new coronavirus strain was found in 35 patients in a hospital in Bavaria, Germany, with initial reports pointing to it being different from the UK and South African strains.

The strains were discovered in a hospital in Garmisch Partenkirchen, a ski resort south of Munich, when all staff and patients of a hospital were tested and 73 people tested positive.

It is not clear yet whether or not the new strain is more infectious or more deadly, the deputy director of the hospital, Clemens Stockklausner said on Monday.

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Germany is currently on lockdown until at least 31 January, though that lockdown could be tightened or extended on Tuesday after Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a meeting with the German states.

The country has counted 11,369 new cases in a day on Tuesday, bringing the total to 2,052,028, and 47,622 Germans have died from the virus, according to the Robert Koch Institut, Germany's public health institute.

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