'AI will be used to fight scammers,' says Consumer Protection Secretary

'AI will be used to fight scammers,' says Consumer Protection Secretary
Belgium's State Secretary for Consumer Protection Eva De Bleeker (Open VLD). Credit: Benoit Doppagne/Belga.

Belgium's Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, Eva De Bleeker (Open VLD), revealed that €1 million will be allocated to combat online scanners, with artificial intelligence also being used to track and detect these offences.

Eva De Bleeker indicated in an interview with the Flemish newspaper De Zondag that the Federal Government will take a decisive stance against the exponential growing in complaints filed against internet scams and frauds.

Until recently, the inspectorates who hunt down these fraudsters could only rely on human personnel to handle complaints and investigate sites, making it "impossible to win this war," says De Bleeker.

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As a result, she has recommended using artificial intelligence in the hunt for online fraudsters, with a goal of developing software that can handle the repetetive administrative activities that are now performed by human agents.

Furthermore, these robots would be able to look for fake stores, platforms, and other phishing sites on their own, as well as ensure that all merchant sites follow the regulations for sales, pricing indications, and the inclusion of necessary information.

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