Recently dismissed CEO takes Belgian FA to court

Recently dismissed CEO takes Belgian FA to court
Former CEO of the RBFA Peter Bossaert. Credit: Belga / Bruno Fahy

Peter Bossaert, who was recently fired as CEO of Belgium’s leading football body the RBFA for an unapproved pay raise, is suing the association over his dismissal, Belga News Agency reports.

In a statement released by his lawyer Peter Marx, Bossaert announced that he would be taking the RBFA to court, stating that “it is unacceptable for them to put my reputation on the line.” The former CEO disputes the FA’s claims that he had granted himself a pay rise earlier this year without the board of directors’ knowledge.

Bossaert stated that “the contract talks went completely by the book” in consultation with the RBFA’s President Paul Van den Bulck, who was reportedly furious with the former CEO.

Regarding the reported pay rise, Bossaert explained that his salary had been increased in line with last year’s inflation rate. “As for my end-of-year bonus, targets were added which were not in my original contract,” he asserted.

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Bossaert also seemed particularly incensed that the football body’s accusations regarding his wage had been made public, with his lawyer stating that the RBFA had not given a reason for dismissing his client. Moreover, they are also asking for a severance payment.

While the Belgian FA has not yet responded to Bossaert, both parties will now attempt to resolve the matter at a Commercial Tribunal.

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