Despite uncertainties, over 75% of Europeans are planning a holiday this summer

Despite uncertainties, over 75% of Europeans are planning a holiday this summer
Credit: European Parliament

Despite rising infection rates and other uncertainties, more than three-quarters (77%) of Europeans have already made plans to travel this spring and summer, a recent report showed.

A survey of 5,998 respondents carried out by the European Travel Commission, an NGO that unites tourism agencies from 33 countries in early March showed that more than half (56%) of Europeans who plan to travel between April and September 2022 will stay within Europe, and 31% will stay in their own country.

"Our report demonstrates that European confidence in travelling is growing now that Covid-19 has largely become a fact of life," said ETC’s President Luís Araújo in a press release.

"New uncertainties on the horizon, namely the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the rising cost of living, are presenting challenges for the travel sector."

"However, ETC is pleased to see that in spite of these uncertainties, "appetite for travel is still on the rise and the European tourism sector remains resilient," he added.

Beach and coast holidays popular

Sun and beach holidays (22%) are particularly popular, as are city trips and destinations on the coast (both 15%).

The ETC survey made a distinction between "coast & sea" and "sun & beach," because, in countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark or the Baltic States, there is also a coast where mainly sporty trips take place.

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Spain remains the most popular destination, followed by Italy, France, Greece and Portugal.

According to the report, Belgian travellers – represented by Visit Flanders and Wallonie Belgique Tourisme – fall nicely into that picture: 21% choose a beach holiday, 17% go to the coast and 16% go to nature.

For Belgian holidaymakers, too, the top destinations are France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

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