Violent snowstorms wreak havoc in central Europe

Violent snowstorms wreak havoc in central Europe
Credit: P. Chrustek/IMGW-PIB

Heavy snowstorms have caused chaos, road accidents, and power outages across Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia over the weekend.

In Poland, in the southern city of Katowice, a woman died after a tree fell onto her house. In the northern city of Gdansk, another woman was killed in a car accident in adverse weather conditions.

In the Polish Tatra mountains, a level 4 avalanche risk is now in force. At the peak of the Kasprowy Wierch mountain, over a metre and a half of snow has fallen and winds reached over 100 kilometres per hour. Temperatures also fell to lows of -19℃.

In northern Slovakia, the country’s crisis centre has declared an emergency in 27 municipalities, which allows local authorities to enact measures and restrictions quicker. Several ski resorts are closed due to danger to the public and resident have been advised not to leave their homes.

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In Czechia, no less than 90,000 homes were left without electricity on Saturday, according to local media Radio Prague. The most effect region of the country is Moravia-Silesia, in the east of the country, but other impacted regions include Hradec Králové (East Bohemia), Central Bohemia, Liberec, Ústí nad Labem (North Bohemia), among others.

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