Coronavirus: European stock markets are up

Coronavirus: European stock markets are up
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European stock markets are up on Monday amid optimism that the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) is slowing down.

At the start of the new week, Belgium's Bel 20 index was up by 3,6% just after 9:30 AM. Stock exchanges in Paris and Frankfurt were up by over 3% as well. In Asia, the Tokyo Stock exchange closed with a gain of 4,24%.

The stock market increases come as Sunday marked the first time that more patients were dismissed from the hospital than were admitted for coronavirus (504 vs 499) in Belgium.

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The fall in new admissions suggests that the government's far-reaching measures, in force until 19 April, are beginning to work. Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès addressed the nation on Sunday, saying that "the figures give hope" but adding that "we have to persevere, more than ever" to defeat coronavirus.

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