A ‘gradual return to school’ from May?

A ‘gradual return to school’ from May?
In Belgium, school will start again in May, according to Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo. Credit: Pixabay

Belgian schools could be set to reopen on a yet to be determined date in May according to Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo.

“Something will happen with the schools in May. At which moment isn’t known yet,” Di Rupo told 24-hour news channel LN24. It will be “a gradual return to school,” he said.

There will be talks among the ministers responsible to “develop a strategy” for the reopening of schools, according to Di Rupo, who said that “we will need equipment,” alluding to the possible need to wear face masks in class.

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“To imagine the reopening of schools while we are not capable today of managing the dramatic situation in nursing homes is a sweet illusion,” said Walloon MP François Desquesnes as a reaction to Di Rupo’s statement. “We are currently not sufficiently armed” for classes to resume, he said.

Di Rupo made his remarks ahead of a meeting with the National Security Council on Wednesday, during which it will be decided whether or not Belgium’s lockdown will continue past the current deadline of 19 April.

Last week, Flemish Minister for Education Ben Weyts said in a video on Twitter that teachers and parents were hoping for an orderly return to classes with sufficient time to prepare, asking the National Security Council for timely clarity.

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