France wants to reopen borders from 15 June

France wants to reopen borders from 15 June
Credit: Pedro Szekely (CC BY 2.0)

France wants to open its borders with other European countries from 15 June, French Prime Minister Éduoard Philippe announced during a press conference.

"Some European countries chose to reopen their borders before others, and I respect that decision," said Philippe. "We take our decisions at our own pace, and we believe that the right time to access our territory is June 15," he added.

On that date, the European Union will decide on the reopening of both inner and outer borders, the decision will be made at European level. As far as France is concerned, the inner borders can reopen from then.

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"France is favourably disposed towards the reopening of borders, if public health permits," Philippe said, adding that there will probably be no mandatory quarantine. "Although we will apply the principle of reciprocity if other European countries close their borders or impose a quarantine on the French," he added.

Additionally, France will further relax its measures against the coronavirus from next Tuesday. Cafes and restaurants in so-called "green zones", areas where the virus is under control, will reopen.

A maximum of 10 people will be allowed to sit at one table, and there will have to be a distance of 1 metre between the tables. The French will also be allowed to drive freely throughout the country and the parks will reopen.

Maïthé Chini

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