Airlines ground several Charleroi flights over border restrictions

Airlines ground several Charleroi flights over border restrictions
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Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) has been in a transition phase since 15 June, with two out of seven scheduled flights having been cancelled on Sunday according to BSCA spokesman Vincent Grassa.

"The flight schedules received today by the airlines are unfortunately still subject to change because it still depends on possible restrictions of access to the territories of the destinations."

Further cancellations should not be ruled out in the coming days and the airport is in a sort of transitional phase until 30 June. Sunday’s cancelled flights were to Romania and to Thessaloniki, Greece.

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“Travellers are obviously very reluctant but there are still a lot of reservations about welcoming Belgian tourists to these countries,” Grassa said.

Travellers are notified in advance of any flight cancellations, in which case there are two possibilities: "Either they can ask for a refund or they can change the date of the flight.”

The airport has resumed its activities since last Monday in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Four airlines have been operating in the first week, namely "Wizz Air, Pegasus Airlines, Belavia and Ryanair. These companies offer nine destinations via twenty open routes," Grassa said.

Other airlines will resume operations in the coming days, with Air Corsica offering flights again starting Saturday 27 June.

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