Antwerp and West Flanders governors invited to National Security Council

Antwerp and West Flanders governors invited to National Security Council
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The governors of Antwerp and West Flanders, two provinces currently particularly affected by the coronavirus, are invited to take part in Monday's new National Security Council (NSC).

"I will listen to what new measures are being proposed and also present what my mayors want," said Anne Martens, acting governor of West Flanders, on Sunday evening. "Several municipalities have asked to limit the bubble,” the maximum number of contacts allowed per person per week, “to 10 people.”

The governor is also awaiting instructions for management at a local level. "We would like to have objective instruments that say which measures are justified in which situation," she said.

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Antwerp governor Cathy Berx’s crisis unit already decided this weekend to impose a fixed bubble for four weeks with a maximum of 10 people, whose contact information should be kept.

After Thursday's National Security Council, municipalities were encouraged to take "additional precautionary measures in consultation with the Regions and governors,” depending on the coronavirus situation specific to their territory.

The possibility of setting up local confinements was raised, to be decreed by the local authorities if necessary.

All eyes turned to Antwerp and its mayor Bart De Wever. On Sunday, the city decided not to impose the wearing of masks everywhere, but rather to carry them at all times in order to have them available where they are most needed.

Some ministerial cabinets are criticising De Wever: "We don't have the impression that Bart De Wever is taking the right measures, even though he has the keys in his hands," they said, "while we know that there is a little wave in Antwerp, in specific neighbourhoods and communities.”

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