Face masks will remain mandatory in these Brussels' streets

Face masks will remain mandatory in these Brussels' streets
Credit: Belga

The City of Brussels has released a map showing the streets where a face mask will remain mandatory from Thursday 1 October, when the new measures go into force.

As the general obligation to wear a face mask in the Brussels-Capital Region will be lifted on Thursday, the city released a map showing the areas where a mask remains mandatory in a red colour.

However, while wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory everywhere from Thursday, people are still obliged to carry one at all times. Anyone who does not have one with them when in public may be fined.

Credit: City of Brussels

For the city centre, this roughly corresponds to the area coloured red by the Bourse, Place Anneessens, Place De Brouckère and the entire Rue Antoine Dansaert.

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Additionally, wearing a mask also remains obligatory in the shopping streets in the vicinity of Place Louise, Rue Marie-Christine in Laeken, the Boulevard Lemonnier and the surrounding streets close to the Basilique de Koekelberg.

The Marolles neighbourhood will also be one of the areas with mandatory masks.

Signs along the side of the road will clarify where a zone begins and ends to prevent people from walking into a zone where a mask is compulsory without realising it.

Maïthé Chini

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