'A frosty sunrise' as first snow falls on Belgium

'A frosty sunrise' as first snow falls on Belgium
Credit: Donovan Pirson via Michael - Info Météo/Facebook

The arrival of December brought with it the first snowfall of the season to Belgium, covering the country's highest points with a thin layer of snow late on Monday.

Residents of Waimes, near the German border in the easternmost tip of the Liège province, reported white paved roads and rooftops as snowflakes began falling at around 10:00 PM on Monday.

A thin layer of snow was also reported elsewhere in Liège, like in the village of Sourbrodt, at the foot of Mont Rigi in the High Fens and in the Signal de Botragne, the highest point of the country.

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Residents of the Walloon province took to social media to share views of their wintery surroundings, with many expressing joy over the first "truly snowy landscapes of the season."

In Xhoffraix and Bernister, Liège, residents shared photos of the moment the "rain turned to snow," just ahead of the start of the region's 10:00 PM coronavirus curfew.

While light, the snowfall held throughout the night in some parts of the country's rural east, with many sharing striking pictures of a foggy and frosty sunrise on Tuesday.

"Breathtakingly frosted sunrise this morning in Trois-Points," a weather page ran by a local said. "At that time, it was between -4ºC and -7ºC."

Forecasts on Tuesday predict a return to rainfall as clouds sweep through the country and as temperature climb back up to around 4ºC in the country's heights and to around 10ºC elsewhere, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute.

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