Snow could fall in Belgium this weekend

Snow could fall in Belgium this weekend
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The first snow of the season could fall on Belgium this week as forecasts say that an influx of icy weather could see snow flurries sprinkle parts of the country at the weekend.

The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM/KMI) said temperatures are expected to drop to 5ºC during the week and hit a low of around 3ºC at the weekend.

Temperatures are expected to begin dropping on Friday and even plummet to 2ºC in the highest points of the Ardennes, as cold weather sweeps the inland region.

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On Sunday, meteorologists said that as clouds swarmed the country, precipitations were to be expected and said there was a risk of frost and snow flurries, according to Le Soir.

NoodweerBenelux, a weather forecasting service for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, said that Belgium and its surroundings could expect an influx of icy weather by the end of the week.

"This may result in slight frost in the BeNeLux, but we will have to wait a bit longer to confirm this," the service wrote on its Sunday forecast.

Elsewhere, the RMI said that skies would remain covered throughout Sunday with intermittent rain, and forecasted a maximum temperature of 12ºC in central Belgium.

Snow fell on Belgium during the first months of 2020, with the first snows on January piling up just under 10 centimetres of snow after an "atypically warm" end of 2019.

In late February, the country's open-air ski resorts called on snow ports aficionados to take to the slopes after the first sustained snowfall gathered some 30 centimetres of snow on the tracks.

Last week, the RMI announced it was revising Belgium's average temperature upwards by 0.3ºC, in the second increase of the country's average year-round temperatures in a decade.

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