Winter weather leads to exceptional traffic delays

Winter weather leads to exceptional traffic delays
Credit: Belga

The wintery weather in Belgium resulted in a heavy rush hour in Flanders on Monday morning, with up to 200 kilometres of delays counted at the peak, around 8:00 AM.

“That is exceptionally much in these corona times,” said Peter Bruyninckx, spokesman of the Flemish Traffic Centre (Vlaams Verkeerscentrum).

The delays were caused by the snow and by slippery roads, according to Bruyninckx, who said there were delays in certain places where there normally would not be any.

There were almost no accidents, however, Bruyninckx noted.

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The cold weather is expected to continue throughout the week, and the Royal Meteorological Institute has issued a yellow alert for slippery roads until Tuesday morning, as well as an alert for cold weather in effect through Thursday.

Wednesday night in particular will be very cold, with temperatures expected to drop to -13 degrees or lower.

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