Brussels' centre organises extra Johnson & Johnson vaccination day

Brussels' centre organises extra Johnson & Johnson vaccination day
Credit: Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

On Friday 2 July, adult Brussels residents who have not yet been vaccinated can go to the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre vaccination centre to get a single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot without an appointment.

The Mooi-Bos vaccination centre in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre will open to vaccinate Brussels residents aged 18 and over, from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM, without interruption or appointment.

"For three weeks now, we have been opening our centre once or twice a week to administer Johnson & Johnson's vaccine without an appointment and it is working very well," said Benoît Cerexhe, mayor of the municipality.

"Thanks to these sessions, latecomers, people who previously had doubts about vaccination, but also people who have to travel very soon, can get vaccinated quickly with much less red tape," he added.

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Since 15 March 2021, some 58,000 people were vaccinated in the Mooi-Bos centre, according to the Common Community Commission (Cocom).

Since last week, the Brussels-Capital Region is offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to all adults, including those under 41 years old, if they voluntarily indicate their willingness to get the shot.

Adults younger than 41 years old, however, have to give their informed consent, either online when making the appointment via the Bruvax platform, or on the spot on the day of vaccination.

An overview of which Brussels centres administer vaccinations without an appointment can be found here.

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