Brussels Staycation: What to do in Brussels this Summer

Brussels Staycation: What to do in Brussels this Summer

Staycation BXL is an initiative aimed at keeping people in the city this summer by tapping into a community of artists, athletes and local organisers. Check out The Brussels Times' coverage below.

DudenDrentel: This free exhibition takes visitors on a picturesque walk through Duden Park, where they can scan QR codes along the way to watch the story of Maxi, a discarded face mask that has adventures in the park.

Free Summer Concerts: Radio Brabant is hosting free summer concerts in order to foster connections between Brussels residents, who will have the chance to share and document their personal stories.

Pool is Cool: Brussels’ outdoor swimming pool FLOW will be hosting free screenings of movies like Jaws and The Shape of Water.

Molenbeek Rebels Play: Molenbeek Rebels Basketball, a social-sports organisation focused on the personal development and empowerment of girls growing up in vulnerable situations, is offering bike tours of Brussels and hosting workshops where kids can create games or projects related to basketball.

Moon Hugs: Moon Hugs is an interactive performing arts exhibition that celebrates physical touch after over a year of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hide & Seek Festival: Muziekpublique is hosting the Hide & Seek Festival, which takes participants on a bike tour throughout Brussels where they’ll be treated to surprise concerts in unexpected places.

Summer of Globe: Globe Aroma is hosting a multidisciplinary festival that focuses on artistic transmission, answering the question: what do artists want to tell, explore and share after a year of standstill as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?

Hands Up Festival: Community artists and organisers hold a four-day arts festival that brought together audiences and artists from across the Belgian capital.

Looking for other fun things to do in Brussels this summer?

Now that the European Parliament has adjourned for the summer holidays, visitors are invited to come tour the plenary chamber.

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