Belgium in Brief: Would You Look At The Time?

Belgium in Brief: Would You Look At The Time?

The latest news from Belgium - that the exceptions to the country's current quarantine rules will shrink - is interesting when you put it into line with the rest of the changes. 

You see, Belgium REALLY wants this to be done.

It has done it all:

  • Asked the waiter for the bill,
  • Paused to see how long is left on the movie,
  • Put on its coat,
  • Yawned dramatically. 

Yet Covid can't take the hint, so we're not quite there yet. 

Now, don't get me wrong, this push for normality isn't a new development. It's not groundbreaking, but it is a real push at a time when everything still feels a little... fluid? 

Take De Croo. He's only ever been a Covid time PM, and I'm sure he wants more of his time leading the country. He wants to be done.

This mounting push for vaccination coming from the government - tied into the reopening of events - feels like an endgame after over a year of feeling like things are almost done. 

Now that might just be wishful thinking. Cancelled events and rising infections don't exactly paint a picture of hope, but maybe this time it will be different. 

So, where's the waiter with that bill?

What are your thoughts? Let @johnstonjules know.

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1. Belgium reduces quarantine exemptions

As vaccination coverage in Belgium increases, the exceptions to the country’s current quarantine rules are being adjusted, the Sciensano national health institute announced on Tuesday. Read more.

2. Belgium’s first breastfeeding bench hopes to break taboos

Credit: Canva

A dedicated bench set up on the Grote Markt in Kortrijk, in West Flanders, aims to break taboos around women breastfeeding in public. Read more.

3. Police not rigorously checking PLFs of motorists

In ten days, the Federal Police checked only about a thousand cars for Passenger Locator Forms (PLF) at border crossings into Belgium. Fifteen people were caught with forged coronavirus documents. Read more.

4. Belgium's 'breast places' for breastfeeding on new interactive map

A new map showing the ‘breast places’ designed for nursing mothers who are looking to breastfeed or pump milk in a quiet and safe place without judgement across Belgium has been published as part of a campaign to break taboos in the country. Read More.

5. Ad spaces in train stations taken over by US corporation

All advertising spaces in all of Belgium’s railway stations will for the next ten years be controlled by Clear Channel, a multi-billion dollar US corporation, the company has announced. Read More.

6. Chocolate factory is the latest victim of Belgian floods

The deadly floods which ravaged many areas of Belgium in the last weeks have damaged thousands of homes and other buildings, including the chocolate factory operated by Belgian producer Galler. Read more.

7. BXLBeerFest 2021 cancelled due to fears of new rules

The 2021 edition of BXLBeerFest, set to happen at the end of August, will no longer go ahead due to fears that rising infections in the country could make even the planned scaled-down event impossible. Read more.

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