Belgium in Brief: Supply Issues

Belgium in Brief: Supply Issues
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There are few things more jarring than walking into a store and finding that the shelves are empty, be that partially or otherwise.

One thing worse, however, is going back to find the situation hasn't improved.

We're creatures of habit. The same bread, the same cheese, the same soap. I know I'm not alone in saying that when I'm forced to change to a different (and in my mind inferior) product I quickly move into the mindset of a grumpy toddler.

But, I'm an adult, and I'll persevere. Once.

If things don't improve on my second visit though... the formless dread starts to set in.

Now I know, this is more often than not a temporary issue. The current issues leaving Carrefour with empty shelves are being blamed on a shortage of drivers to get products to the stores.

But it doesn't stop it from being a bit unnerving and moments like these remind us of the fragility of our food chain.

How are your stores looking? Let @johnstonjules know (or see).

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