Introduction of Covid Safe Ticket leads more in Brussels to get vaccinated

Introduction of Covid Safe Ticket leads more in Brussels to get vaccinated
A vaccination centre in Brussels. Credit: Belga

The introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in the Brussels-Capital Region on 15 October seems to have led to a higher number of residents getting the vaccine, the Common Community Commission (CoCom) announced in a press release on Thursday.

Appointments for the first vaccine shot increased by 25% when compared to September with 67% of the adult population in the region now fully vaccinated, Belga News Agency reports.

However, this drops to 57% for those aged between 18 and 44. For those between 12 and 17, just 31% are fully vaccinated.

Capacity in vaccination centres has been increased in order to accommodate this higher uptake. This also will allow those aged 65 and over to receive their booster shots.

Information campaigns on the ground continue to do their best to dispel the vast amount of misinformation that currently circulates about the vaccine. This includes front line medical staff meeting with citizens to give concrete answers to any questions they may have on the issue. "This week, many people participated in four information sessions organised in Molenbeek," the press release states.

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Yet positive coronavirus cases continue to rise in the Brussels region, as in other regions in Belgium. The infection rate (which refers to the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants) reached 493 this week, up from 422 last week. Contaminations are also spreading among younger age groups and the positivity rate rose from 6% last week to 7.6% this week. The reproduction rate has again gone above 1, which means that the virus is spreading more quickly rather than diminishing.

Hospitalisations are also increasing with 217 hospitalised in the Brussels-Capital Region on Wednesday. The number in intensive care is also going up, with 62 patients admitted to intensive care in Brussels hospitals on Wednesday.

17 people in the capital region died this week from Covid-19.

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