Brussels distributed nearly 2,000 computers to youth and seniors

Brussels distributed nearly 2,000 computers to youth and seniors
Credit: Belga / Virgine Lefour

Between 2020 and 2021, Brussels gave out 4,000 pieces, including 1,800 PCs, of IT equipment to youth and seniors through the Recycle IT Project, Belga News Agency reported.

The project was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic when lockdowns forced many to work, attend school and connect and communicate with loved ones remotely online. Priority in distribution was given to young people attending school and those staying in care homes.

Besides computers, the equipment also included monitors, keyboards and printers. The project refurbished the equipment that was written off to be thrown out to then be usable again.

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"We live in a hyper-connected world where the digital divide is constantly widening," Brussels Minister for Digitalisation Bernard Clerfayt, who was satisfied with the results, said.

"We need to broaden access to digital technologies and enable everyone to maintain a social connection, carry out administrative tasks and integrate optimally into society."

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