Over 13,200 parking spaces to be suspended in Brussels

Over 13,200 parking spaces to be suspended in Brussels
Credit: Belga / Eric Lalmand

Over 13,000 parking spaces will be suspended in the Brussels-Capital Region, as diagonal parking will not be allowed during the road renovations of the Good Living project.

As part of the 'Good Living' urban planning rules that are currently under consideration by the regional government, diagonal and angled parking will be banned during all roadworks that require planning permission.

Only parallel parking will remain possible in those cases, because it takes up the least amount of space and offers drivers better visibility, which also means better safety for other users, including cyclists. Every year, 2% of the roads in Brussels are redeveloped with a permit.

"In theory, diagonal parking allows more cars to be parked on a small amount of road space. However, this type of parking takes up more space on the cross-section of the road and makes the public space even more fragmented. This is not a good use of public space," Van den Brandt told La Capitale.

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"This type of parking also poses real problems in terms of road safety. Front parking is not at all recommended, given the driver's very poor visibility of users behind the vehicle," she added. "The 2003 General Assembly on Road Safety recommended that 'front-end' parking no longer be used."

Most diagonal parking places in Koekelberg

According to figures from 2019, diagonal parking spaces represent 13,205 of all parking spaces in the Brussels-Capital Region out of a total of 274,253 on-street spaces in the region as a whole. Of these spaces, 2,132 are on regional roads.

The municipalities with the highest proportion of diagonal parking spaces are Koekelberg (19.16%) and Evere (10.45%). Auderghem and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert are both just under 10%.

The aim is for Good Living to be definitively approved by the Brussels Regional Government by the summer of 2023. It will then be submitted to the Brussels Parliament, which will have to adopt the new legislation. 'Good Living' is scheduled to come into force on 1 January 2024 or 1 July 2024, after an extensive training period for the various administrations.

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