Every Brussels daycare will have reusable diapers by 2026

Every Brussels daycare will have reusable diapers by 2026
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After a successful pilot project, the City of Brussels aims to introduce washable, and therefore reusable, nappies in all 40 municipal daycare centres by 2026 in order to considerably reduce the amount of waste in the city.

On average, a baby uses 5,000 diapers before being potty trained, which is seen as a large amount of waste that the City of Brussels wants to reduce. The municipal council is planning to introduce washable and therefore reusable diapers in all its municipal crèches, which is about forty in total, by 2026, RTBF reports.

"Two years ago, we started a pilot project using reusable nappies in our first two eco-care centres in Laeken. This experiment has proved so successful that we now want to extend it to all our crèches," says Arnaud Pinxteren, the Brussels City Councillor for Young Child, Citizen Participation and Urban Renewal.

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The municipality hopes to be able to roll out the system in ten crèches by 2023.

By 2024, half of Brussels crèches must be equipped with reusable nappies, and the following year it must thirty crèches, with the aim to cover all crèches by 2026. For parents, the price will remain unchanged, Pinxteren promises.

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