2022 speeding offences already exceed those for whole of 2021

2022 speeding offences already exceed those for whole of 2021
A speeding radar was installed in 2018 in Boulevard Leopold III in Brussels. Credit: DIRK WAEM/BELGA

The number of drivers caught speeding in Belgium in the first eight months of 2022 has already surpassed the number registered last year as a result of increased road checks.

So far this year, Regional Processing Centres (GVCs) have already registered over three million speeding offences – more than in the whole of 2021 – according to figures shared by Home Affairs Minister Annelies Verlinden.

"This year alone, more than three million drivers were reminded of their responsibility to control their speed," she said.

"Police are also stepping up the monitoring of other traffic offences: the use of alcohol and drugs behind the wheel, distraction at the wheel, etc. Only when no one is caught is our mission accomplished."

Reinforcing checks

Verlinden has been looking in recent months to make road safety a permanent priority, the importance of which was recently highlighted by figures from Road Safety Institute Vias showing that the number of deaths as a result of traffic accidents increased dramatically in the first six months of this year.

For this reason, in the past two years, Verlinden has reinforced GVCs with 35 staff members, mainly to cope with the increasing workload as a result of the growing number of road checks. Another 32 staff members will be recruited by the end of 2022.

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As a result, the centres were able to process more traffic offences regarding excessive speeding in less time this year. Campaigns have also been organised to tackle drink-driving and distracted driving in recent months.

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