Brussels suspends noise limits for Couleur Cafe and Core festivals

Brussels suspends noise limits for Couleur Cafe and Core festivals
Credit: Couleur Café

Core (this weekend) and Couleur Café (23-25 June) will not have to take any noise standards into account during their festival weekends in Osseghem Park, confirmed Brussels Environment.

Popular with younger crowds, both festivals will be taking place in the same location at the foot of the Atomium.

While the legal noise standards have been a hot topic in Brussels following the (temporary) closure of the famous Fuse nightclub and well-loved coffee bar Gruun has recently also been told to comply with the regulations about decibels, these rules do not apply to Core and Couleur Café, Bruzz reports.

"There is a legal framework, but apparently the mayor and the major festivals are not required to comply with the rules, without giving us any explanation," said Brussels municipal councillor Bianca Debaets.

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While Brussels City Mayor Philippe Close is, in principle, allowed to temporarily suspend such a measure, Debaets mainly condemned the lack of transparency.

Yet Brussels Environment – which is in charge of noise regulations – confirmed that the City is not doing anything illegal with this suspension.

The residents of the Triangle neighbourhood in Laeken, right next to the park, are unsure about the regulations as well. "The rules should apply always and everywhere. Why are there standards if you can just abolish them when it suits you?"

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