Brussels bans plastic produce bags from 1 March

Brussels bans plastic produce bags from 1 March
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Brussels is taking another step in the fight against single-use plastic bags in the region, with the ban of plastic produce bags in stores.

As of 1 March, such bags will be definitively banned "even if they are bio-sourced and can be composted at home," according to Brussels Environment.

"The ban applies to all shops in Brussels. It is also valid for market traders and other street vendors," explained the authority.  It is understood that Brussels Environment inspectors will be able to carry out checks to see if the rules are being followed.

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This is the latest in several movements that aimed to move away from plastic bag use in the region, which began in 2017 with a ban of plastic bags in shops.

According to the release, customers have been invited to now use their own containers such as cloth bags, cardboard boxes, plastic, stainless steel, glass, etc. For those who did not come prepared, retailers will be expected to be able to provide completely reusable or environmentally friendly packaging.

It is unclear at this time if there will be a cost for such a service.

Brussels Environment has created a web page to answer the many questions citizens have about the use of plastic bags.

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