Belgian Muslims will celebrate Feast of Sacrifice on 31 July

Belgian Muslims will celebrate Feast of Sacrifice on 31 July
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The Muslim community in Belgium will celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice (Aïd El Adha) on Friday 31 July this year, the Muslim Executive announces.

Muslims must strictly observe the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures on that day as well, the Executive underlined.

Chairman Mehmet Üstün reiterated the measures that apply in the mosques, as many Muslims are expected to go to the mosque in the morning on the occasion of the Feast of Sacrifice for the prayer of the Aïd.

Wearing a face mask in the mosque is mandatory, also during prayer, and a safe distance of one and a half metres must be kept. In addition, everyone must bring their own prayer mat, and there is a ban on gatherings.

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This year’s measures will make the Feast of Sacrifice "less easy and less pleasant,” the Muslim Executive said, "but they remain necessary for the health and life of the faithful and of their fellow citizens.”

The Feast of Sacrifice commemorates the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son before Allah, who sent him a sheep that could be sacrificed in the place of the son.

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