STIB tell UK: 'mind the gap when leaving'

STIB tell UK: 'mind the gap when leaving'

Brussels public transport operator STIB has issued a fond farewell to the UK in the form of a video recapping all the stops that carry the name of a British person or place.

From Churchill, Darwin and Montgomery to Dover and Liverpool - the personal video was shared on the eve before Brexit with the message of "always welcome in Brussels".

Responses to the video have been positive, with one commenter commending Brussels as a whole for behaving "with impeccable grace and charm to a country which frankly doesn’t deserve it."

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The overwhelming message, however, is one of dismay over leaving, or of hope that the UK ( or Scotland) may rejoin the EU one day.

At the stroke of midnight in Brussels on Friday (11:00 PM Big Ben time), 47 years of British EU membership will officially be at an end. This video is one of many efforts that have been going on in Brussels to mark the exit of the UK from the EU.

Jules Johnston

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