Coronavirus: Belgian companies to start producing face masks

Coronavirus: Belgian companies to start producing face masks
Credit: Belga

Two Belgian companies, Van Heurck and ECA, will together start producing surgical and FFP2 face masks, according to Philippe De Backer, the federal minister in charge of the task force.

In a few weeks, four machines will be installed for the production of surgical face masks. Each machine will be able to produce over 45 million masks per year, making for a total of about 190 million surgical face masks per year, or about 4 million per week, according to De Backer, reports the Belga press agency.

"In this way, we can provide the entire Belgian population with high-quality surgical masks if necessary. We are already talking with Bpost with regard to the distribution of these masks. If necessary, we will be able to switch very quickly," said De Backer.

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The Van Heurck company manufactures workwear, and ECA is a company that makes interiors for cars.

Additionally, the companies also purchased a machine that will enable them to produce 10 million FFP2 masks in Belgium in a few weeks' time. These are the special masks that offer healthcare personnel better protection against infection.

"We also want to cooperate with the Netherlands. FFP2 masks are already being produced there, but surgical masks aren't yet. We will be the first to start up the production of surgical masks in our country. We are going to trade," said De Backer. "In this way, Belgium and the Netherlands will once again set an example by working together within the European Union," he added.

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