Cyprus to open borders to tourists, but not Belgians

Cyprus to open borders to tourists, but not Belgians
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From 20 June, tourists and travellers from 19 countries, but not Belgium, will be able to fly to Cyprus again, and will not have to go in quarantine before being allowed to enter.

A team of scientists put several countries into two categories, based on their epidemiological image. So far, Belgium has not been included in either category, meaning Belgians are not (yet) allowed to enter Cyprus.

The 19 countries were divided into two categories. Category A consists of Germany, Austria, Malta, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark and Hungary. Inhabitants from these countries will not have to submit negative coronavirus test, according to the Cypriot authorities.

Tourists and travellers coming from a country in category B, namely Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia and Estonia, will have to show a certificate of a negative PCR test, taken 72 hours before departure.

The test may also take place upon the arrival in Cyprus, in which case the passengers will have to remain at a designated place for one day, or until the result is announced. The cost, however, will be covered by the passenger, both of the testing and the self-isolation and transportation cost, if there is one.

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Travel from countries which are not featured in the above two categories is allowed only in exceptional circumstances and after receiving prior approval by Cyprus' government. This will also be the case for transit travel via these countries.

People wanting to enter Cyprus from countries that are not included in either category A or B will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances, and after receiving approval by the Cyprus government.

The list will be regularly updated depending on the evolution of the coronavirus in the different countries of the world, Perdios stressed.

This is not the first time Belgium has been regarded as an unsafe country for travel because of the coronavirus. Earlier this week, the Latvian authorities published a list of countries that its citizens should not travel to based on the countries' too-high infection rate, which included Belgium.

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