Belgium lifts quarantine recommendations for 'orange' travel zones

Belgium lifts quarantine recommendations for 'orange' travel zones
The temperature of passengers can be measures, and quarantine areas can be installed quickly. Credit: Brussels Airport

Travellers returning to Belgium from 'orange zones' will no longer be recommended to quarantine, but should be extra vigilant in case they display signs of symptoms, according to the latest update.

Until today, travellers returning from the so-called orange zones were advised - not forced - to undergo a coronavirus test, and self-quarantine. This is now no longer the case.

"If symptoms develop that may indicate COVID-19, travellers returning from an orange zone are asked to contact their family doctor and mention the travel history", Sciensano explains on its website. Travellers returning from orange zones should only be tested if symptoms develop that may indicate COVID-19.

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FPS Foreign Affairs has travellers to check the travel advice on the website and to register on TravellersOnline if they are planning to travel.

As of Tuesday morning, the orange zones in Europe were: the Austrian Upper Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Aragon and Catalonia in Spain, Trento in Italy, Luxembourg, Algarve and Alentejo in Portugal, Moravskoslezský in the Czech Republic, Slaskie in Poland, Romania, Midland, North East, Yorkshire, North Wales and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and Ticino in Switzerland.

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