The Netherlands becomes 'orange travel zone' for Belgians

The Netherlands becomes 'orange travel zone' for Belgians
Credit: Belga/Yorick Jansens

After The Netherlands advised against non-essential travel to the Belgian province of Antwerp, Belgium now considers The Netherlands an orange travel destination.

As the Dutch restrictions for residents of the Antwerp province no longer allow all people in Belgium to travel to the Netherlands freely, the Belgian Foreign Affairs Department gave the country an orange colour on its website, warning travellers from Antwerp to quarantine.

All other Belgians, meaning those from provinces other than Antwerp, can still travel to the Netherlands without restrictions.

On Tuesday evening, The Netherlands decided to issue official advice against non-essential travel to the city or province of Antwerp. Anyone who has been to Antwerp is "urgently advised" to quarantine for 14 days upon return.

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However, this "urgent advice" not only applies to Dutch people, but to residents of Antwerp travelling to the Netherlands as well.

"Travellers coming from the province of Antwerp should go into (home) quarantine after entering the Netherlands. Making a journey from the province of Antwerp to the Netherlands to party, go shopping or a day out is therefore not possible," the advice continues.

Healthcare professionals, transport and borders workers, if they have to make the journey for work, will not have to go into quarantine, unless they have symptoms.

Maïthé Chini

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